Melanated Readers (Jan 26th)

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“Black Girls Must Die Exhausted,” a necessity for underrepresented African American women, tell the story of a 33 year old black woman, Tabitha Walker. She has her life precisely mapped out, but reality hits her when she is diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Reserve Failure. She learns that she may not be able to have her ideal family and dream house, considering her diagnosis. With the support of her best friends, Laila and Alexis, and sensible Granny Tab, Tabitha doesn’t have to endure her journey in isolation.  Author, Jayne Allen explores topics of race, relationships, women’s issues, mental illness and a plethora of taboo topics. Allen cleverly conveys messages of hope, redemption and unconditional love. Jayne Allen writes with originality, charm and conviction. Every page is worth the read.

Author Jayne Allen was so humble and willing to speak to our book club, Melanated Readers. We connected with her via Instagram @jayneallenwrites to see if she would join us via Google Hangouts to discuss “Black Girls Must Die Exhausted.” She was kind enough to make herself available to us on a Saturday evening. We had a healthy, open discussion as Allen dropped gems of knowledge about her writing process. Our book club meeting with her was in celebration of women and sisterhood.

-Melanated Readers

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Meet Jayne

I write contemporary fiction with a twist and sprinkle of #BlackGirlMagic.
I'm the author of:
Black Girls Must Die Exhausted
Currently working on Book #2 in the series, coming in September 2019!

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