March 15 | Los Angeles | For the Culture Beauty | #BGMDEBooktour Kickoff

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For the Black Girls Must Die Exhausted Tour kickoff event, we wanted to find an unconventional venue – one that would allow us to celebrate other female entrepreneurs and bring good people together in the spirit of fellowship.

We found the perfect place in For the Culture Beauty, in Culver City, California.  For the Culture Beauty is a very unique beauty boutique that specializes in quality self-and beauty care products for afro-textured hair.  The space is so cute, and well-branded and merchandized.  It was a lot of fun to see new and old friends come through!

We had the elegant Empower Cosmpolitan as a beverage sponsor and TGIN haircare as our product sponsor.  The best thing about these two compaines is that their black-female CEOs are both two of my oldest friends growing up in Detroit!  It was a true celebration of sisterhood.  Please check these ladies’ companies out when you get a chance, it’s worthwhile.  Each of the companies’ names above is linked to its respective corporate website.

Hope to see you at a future event!  Enjoy the photo recap below.

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