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Discover the debut novel by hilarious writer Jayne Allen that she calls “the epitaph of my 30’s.”

I guess that on some days, and maybe for some, every day, people other than me could be found walking into their workplace pretending to be someone they’re not
…Today was my first time feeling so acutely aware of that disconnect.

Thirty-three-year-old Tabitha Walker thought she was living her “best life” completely under control.  She had Marc — her sexy, smooth and successful “paper-perfect” Porsche-driving boyfriend; a coveted position as a local news reporter; and weaving it all together, a standing hair appointment with a reliable stylist.

But it’s funny how life can disrupt even the best planning.

Tabitha’s fortunes take a turn when she learns that the family she always hoped for could slip away — and not just because Marc has been slow to propose.
When her otherwise enviable body starts to fail in a surprising way, Tabitha must embark on a journey, supported by colorful family and friends, to reclaim her own quirky version of “black girl magic” before the unexpected takes more from her than just her dreams of becoming a wife and mother.
“Black Girls Must Die Exhausted is published by HarperCollins Perennial. 



About Jayne Allen

Jayne Allen (pen name), in her life outside of writing, is a serial entrepreneur, Harvard-trained attorney and engineer. She dabbles in standup comedy, tries to learn one new thing a week, and relishes laughter and champagne bubbles with her girlfriends and family.  

Jayne writes fiction out of her life experiences, calling every character “fragments of reality strung together by imagination” and strives to tell stories that stick to your bones.  Her debut novel, “Black Girls Must Die Exhausted,” which Kirkus Reviews called “both timely and enjoyable,” is Chocolate Chick Lit with a conscience, touching upon contemporary women’s issues such as workplace womanhood, race, fertility, modern relationships and mental health awareness.  Her writing echoes her desire to bring both multiculturalism and multidimensionality to contemporary women’s fiction with dynamic female protagonists who also happen to be black.  
She previously authored four non-fiction books and is the founder of Book Genius, the “best end-to-end book writing, publishing and marketing course on the Internet,” which launches its first cohort in March 2019. |

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