Book Review: T.O.R.N.

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When you meet someone as beautiful and dynamic as @yazdanimami and find out that she has a novel out (T.O.R.N.), not only do you want to read it, but you also want to like it!  Thank goodness, I did not even have to try. I was and am a HUGE fan of the Matrix movies – they broadened my mind, had brown ppl, and if nothing else, served as a reminder to do my best each day to co-create my reality with intention.  Reading T.O.R.N. just took that to a whole next level!  Can we just give a ?? to conscious #wocauthors who are using their work to entertain and elevate?

Ok, so, this book starts out peacefully, with a meditation experience and quickly escalates into a dangerous situation that unfolds like a movie.  From that point on, I was hooked and read the entire book in two sittings!

It falls into the “science fiction” genre, which is already standout, with a whole cast of characters of color, including the black female protagonist Asante. She starts out as a professional dynamo, but her black girl magic might actually be some next level stuff!  What I love about this vibe is that we all have the ability to be our own superhero and that our superpowers are not further away than connecting back to ourselves and to the present moment.  T.O.R.N is full of: fast-paced adventure, fantastic imagery, sweet romance, savage villainy, mystical instruction, self-care reminders, a perspective on the world around us, and most of all, an interwoven underlying message of hope for our future.
I was so sad this book ended when I finished.  It must become a movie and I cannot wait for the sequel!  If you liked the Matrix, The Celestine Prophesy, and/or The Alchemist (and even The Secret), you will also LOVE this!

Bravo Amopra!! Book 2 is needed in the NOW – please and thank you – xo, J

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