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Book Club Discussion Questions Are Available for Download!

Just Click the image to the right to download the free Black Girls Must Die Exhausted discussion questions crafted especially for Book Clubs!

Thank You to All of the Book Clubs That Have Made Black Girls Must Die Exhausted an Official Selection!

BNJ Reads (May 11th)

BNJ Reads is a Connecticut-based family book club organized by Brittany J., including the women in her family.  Brittany selected BGMDE as their May selection which meant the pressure was on given that their meeting

Dope Chicks Read (May)

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the members of Dope Chicks Read at our Mahogany Books event in Washington, DC!  I loved the fabulous matching shirts and their mission to foster youth literacy

M.S.K. Book Club (April 20th)

I just wanted to send a huge thank you for taking time out of your day to join in our discussion this afternoon! You were amazing and the ladies were so honored to have you

Between the Pages Bookclub (March 23rd)

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted”, is  a treat for lovers of women’s fiction.  Author Janyne Allen  creates a relationship between the main character , and potential readers.   Readers gain knowledge of what it is

The Everyday Chapter (March 17th)

As a first-time experience, via WhatsApp, I joined Nigeria-based The Everyday Chapter for over two hours of deeply compelling text chat about BGMDE, writing, purpose and even relationships!

Melanated Readers (Jan 26th)

“Black Girls Must Die Exhausted,” a necessity for underrepresented African American women, tell the story of a 33 year old black woman, Tabitha Walker. She has her life precisely mapped out, but reality hits her

SOS Bookclub (Jan. 26th 2019)

What a refreshing book about us for us. It leaves so much to unpack… from family connections, sisterhood, relationships, race and fertility which is a topic not discussed as often as it should be in

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